Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why I Hate Valentine's Day

So while my first post in a few months should be an upbeat and happy one, I will give you fair warning that it's not (in case you couldn't figure that out from the title).  I've been swamped with my boys birthdays, both of which happen to fall in February, the kids schoolwork/science projects/ extracurricular activities and pretty much being an awesome Mom (kidding) that I don't have the time  for Valentines Day a.k.a. meaningless holiday of LOVE-really?  If it's all about love then why do I hate it so much?

Reason #1- The ridiculous amount of $$$ I'm required to spend on cards for each person in my family (which, by the way, I'm handmaking next year-not the pinterest way, the crayon and paper way), the gifts my kids have learned to expect (my fault) except this year they are just getting candy-tomorrow will be insanely disappointing as I'm trying to scale back on the toys expected for every holiday and my love should be all they need anyway, right?  Ha!  AND the cards I have to buy for every child in 3 different classrooms.  What I learned this year, however, is that cards no longer come with just cards, but with every package there are erasers/bracelets/puzzles/sticker sheets/candy/pencils included so the stores can jack up the price and keep us Moms competing for which one of us bought the most expensive Valentines junk.  I set out to spend about $20- I quadrupled that amount in about 10 minutes with a bunch of crap that will be thrown away on February 15th.  

Reason #2-  My single friends and family-especially those going through a recent divorce or break-up.  This day sucks for them and I know that because I too have experienced many, many awful and devastating Valentines Days.  If I would have had any money left over from my previously mentioned shopping spree, I would buy them all a bottle of wine to drown their sorrows and take them dancing-chocolate, flowers and sappy movies just won't cut it in getting you through a Valentine's Day as a singleton.  I wish I could fast forward this day for them so they wouldn't have to be exposed to all the Love the rest of the world around them is so openly and disgustingly displaying.  

Reason #3- If you need a special day to say "I LOVE YOU" then your relationship most likely needs CPR anyway.

Reason #4- Unrealistic expectations of women.  Victoria's Secret (which normally I do shop at and love) irritates me to no end during Valentines month with daily emails, Facebook updates and catalogs reminding me I need to dress up (or down rather) in scantily clad nothingness as a gift to my husband by bombarding me with photos of anorexic/airbrushed models in fuzzy heels and diamond bras and trying to convince me that this is what will make me a good spouse?!  We get chocolates or roses or a fancy dinner and are expected to "repay" while looking as glamourous and sexy and willing as the lingerie models all in the name of freaking Valentines Day!

Reason #5-  Unrealistic expectations of men.  I would hate to be a man on Valentine's Day trying to come up with some aberrant revelation of love while trying to out-do yourself year after year.  Dealing with insane women who didn't get the roses, the romance or the diamonds they were hoping for...please get over yourselves women!  Do you really need these gifts from a man on this particular day to make yourself feel like you're worth something?  

Reason #6- Lovey Dovey Valentiney Couples= YUCK!  The mushiness of this day is a little too much for me.  The kissing couples, the romantic songs, the flowers at work, the pictures of couples showing how romantic they are all over the internet, the holding hands couples, the thousands of couples getting engaged, the couples rubbing the fact that they're so in love in the face of everyone else and putting on a show for the sake of Valentine's Day.  (P.S.  This is not reality and the day after V-Day these couples will be hungover from love but all will be right with the world again). 

Don't get me wrong, I love romance (real romance-not forced) and I love LOVE, but I hate the idea of having a day where I feel like I'm required to celebrate it.  What if tomorrow I feel like wearing sweats, ordering a pizza, reading a book and watching a horror movie?  (which I kind of do).  Regardless, I will still send my kids to school with their Valentine cards full of bracelets, sticker puzzles and erasers.  I will still run around to all of their Valentine school parties.  I will give them chocolates and cards and make our annual Valentines Dessert Dinner= everything covered in chocolate and I will take Valentines Day pictures to have a memory of this blasted holiday.  But everyday is a day that I love my family and everyday I will still continue to tell them and show them how much I Love them- especially when it's not Valentine's Day! 


Holly said...

For Valentine's Day every year, Jason and I each buy each other a six pack of some sort of new beer that we try together while ordering pizza. It's awesome. :)

KC @ genxfinance said...

I got to say, I saw a lot of lovers, flowers, and chocolates at the subway, streets and basically everywhere that day. But after a couple of days, it's like nothing ever happened. I mean why can't people do that every day?