Thursday, July 25, 2013

SO what did YOU do today?

A post dedicated to my fellow SAHMs!  

To the husbands-What you see:
 -A frazzled Mom scrambling to get a dinner thrown together as quickly as possible (defrosting a frozen something or other, calling the pizza man and bowls of cereal completely count as dinner at this point).
-My hair in disarray, no make-up, no shoes and food/crayon/playdoh/paint covered clothing
-Kids planted in front of TV making absolutely no noise and looking like little angels (you're SO fooled!)
-Some areas of the house appearing as if they were hit by a tornado-broken toys, broken furniture, broken appliances. 
-Laundry spread out all over the sofa/chair (but at least it's clean), a mountain of laundry on the laundry room floor that's not.
-A pile of dishes in the sink because the kids eat like they are growing a 3rd leg.
-Cheerios/goldfish/oreo crumbs covering the kitchen floors.
-A cranky Me who dares you to utter that dreaded question, "what did you do today?" because it's not a question, it's an insult.
-A person who needs to break free (for just an hour) and run outside in kid-free silence
-The parent begging/pleading for an early bedtime for the kids (while you want to be the "good guy" and allow them an hour or 2 of leniency since you haven't seen them).
-A vegetable who plants myself in front of the TV late at night with a glass (or 2) of wine to relax my brain while I submerge myself in Reality TV, Crossword puzzles and US weekly.

What you DON'T see:
-The constant requests for food-there's no such thing as 3 meals a day in this house, it's an endless buffet.
-The breaking up of fights which somehow ALWAYS target my pretty lamp and result in the use of my mean voice.
-The scrubbing of crayon/marker/lipstick/nail polish/paint/basically anything that makes a mark on walls, floors and tables.
-The running of errands taking quadruple the amount of time it would normally take 1 person to do (add in a dash of whining, Hadley breaking free from the child restraint on the cart and trying to jump ship and the constant "Are we almost done yet?" question and I'm spent!)
-The running around all day picking up toys somehow magically reappearing a few minutes later, what's that about??
-The scraps, cuts, blood, busted lips, vomit, twisted ankles, broken bones, tummy aches, fevers, coughs, breathing treatments, asthma issues, allergy issues and blah, blah, blah that send me into a worried frenzy and sometimes to the Doctors office and/or ER (including the occasional necessary phone call to Poison Control).
-The dishes I can never keep up with, but I try
-The floor I can never keep up with, but I try
-The laundry I can NEVER keep up with and I give up.
-The playdates, the overnights, the baseball games, the baseball practices, the soccer games, the soccer practices, the flag football, the ballet/tap classes and the endless amount of activities the kids need to be taken to (while I entertain the other 2 with candy and Ipads- don't judge).
- The potty training of the stubborn 3 year old requiring about 15 million trips to the bathroom a day and countless amounts of wet clothing, ugh!
-The naptime/rest time that's supposed to be relaxing but spent with enormous amounts of caffeine and effort to get my other obligations taken care of while trying so hard to keep my eyes open (sometimes I fail).
-The entertaining of the kids= a daily trip to either the Zoo, Grants Farm, Pool, Suson Farms, Park, Movies, Pottery painting, Six Flags, Monkey Joes, Magic House, Science Center, Botanical Gardens, City Museum, Hiking Trails.....
-Working on their reading, cursive writing, letters, numbers, colors, addition, multiplication (yawn)
-Playing princesses, dance parties, board games, baseball, legos, barbies, babies and superheroes
-And the Cuddling, the kisses, the laughs, the tickles, the bear hugs & the I Love Yous that make this worth it all....
but don't you DARE ask me what I did today!!

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Reina Gonzalez said...

This was a hilarious post! I laughed pretty much the entire time while reading it! I am a SAHM to my 1 year old daughter and 3 year old son, and I completely get it! My husband always wonders what I did during the day. Life as a SAHM is never ending.