Monday, September 23, 2013

A bone to pick...

Dear Angry Emmy Viewers, Columnists, Twitterers (Tweeters? whatever), parents and pretty much anyone who was angry after indulging in the Red Carpet/Emmy celebration,

A few words of advice: Hide that green, your envy is showing!
o.k. so I have a few more words and they go something like this...
Last night, as I was enjoying my 1st Superbowl of the awards season, I found myself in awe of gorgeous designer gowns, sparkly jewels, the highest Louboutins, the prettiest little clutches, perfectly coiffed and manicured glamazons with flawless make-up and skin and living my little fantasy world through the magic box in my family room where I felt a part of it.  As someone who has a (possibly unnatural) love of fashion, celebrities and all things glamourous I was inspired by the show put on last night...not so much the Emmy show, but the fashion show.  I awoke this morning excited to scope out some of my favorite looks from the previous evening on the internet and read what the fashion world had to say about them.  Instead I found myself overwhelmed with article after article (96 to be exact) full of angry people writing about, complaining about and ridiculing the actresses from last nights show because of their thinness?!  A few examples of some published trash from (what I can only gather are idiotic and clueless) columnists and twitterers :Anna Gunns weight loss alarms Emmy viewersEmmy Award Thin- Is Skeleton the New Skinny?Viewers Turned off by starving, skinny celebs at the Emmys and Pin-Thin Actresses have Emmy watchers wondering..., I personally felt attacked!  Not because I am one of these actresses (of course not) but because I too have a jutting collarbone, a thin frame, I enjoy working out and, according to these writers, someone like me is a bad example to other little girls.  I instantly felt like a bad mom for possessing some of these attributes that these "writers" viciously attacked.  Then I got over that and I was angry also.  I'm angry that people are possibly judging me based on my appearance and making untrue assumptions about me, I'm angry that my daughter will have to put up with this torment and, let's call it what it is, jealousy, from other girls for being naturally thin also.  I'm angry that people are constantly commenting on my weight and telling me to eat doughnuts/pizza/cookies/lard.  It's as much of a compliment to tell someone they are too thin as it would be for me to offer an overweight person a Slimfast and tell them they may want to lay off the fast food.  Some women prefer their bodies a little more curvy, some prefer their bodies have an athletic build, some prefer a thin shape, some prefer a little meat on their bones and some women have little to no control over any of this...we must accept and love the body we have.  I'm angry because instead of embracing the beauty of the evening the public and journalists made it their mission to look for and highlight every invisible flaw.  We are not doing the younger generation or ourselves any favors by pointing out differences in women in a negative manner and creating unnecessary jealousy.  Beauty comes in EVERY size and shape and for those who see a problem where a problem ceases to exist are perhaps those who need to look within themselves for the security they lack.

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